Pride 2019

PRIDE Barcelona is an event for everyone, a space where collectively we can can be heard and become visible, a place to celebrate and make a stand. From here we want to send a message to the world:

We have to love ourselves more. We have to love the outsiders, the people around us, those who are different from us and also those who think differently from us. We also have to show more respect for ourselves, it is because love has thousands of shapes and colours. Many times that’s the only thing we need. A little bit of love. A hug. A smile.

Barcelona has always been a city with an open heart and respect for diversity. We cannot forget about this. It’s time to get this feeling back. We want to gout out and scream that there is love for everyone. No matter who you are, no matter where you come from, this is for you.

From the second half of the 20th century until today we have had many advances to guarantee equal rights for LGTBQ people around the world.


And it is clear that they have not made it easy for us. But if there is something good about difficulties, it is that they unite. Perhaps that is why the best that we can celebrate today is that, above all and with our differences, we are one big family.

A big huma family, diverse and inclusive.

Formed by other families.


LGBTI Families

Families formed by memebers of the LGBTI community have existed since ever. But they have not always had social recognition.
Or even less, legal rights. Although homosexuality has been decriminalized in most Western countries, there are still very few in which the right to marriage or adoption is granted.

That is why this year PRIDE BCN becomes the speaker of LGBTI families. An open and diverse space to celebrate love beyond gender identity. Where to continue claiming that there is no single family model. That there are infinite variables that make each family unique and special. And that all of them are equally valid.

Here and anywhere in the world.

We are always families

We have created a campaign so that families tell their experience and are the undisputed protagonists of this edition of PRIDE BCN.

Here are the 11 families that took place in this years campaign:


Families formed by LGBT people have always existed. What has not been given since then is the social recognition and much less the legal one. In fact, there are many countries where not only are not yet recognized, but are considered illegal and condemned and from here we claim that we are family always, everywhere.

Katy Pallàs, President of the FLG Association



Do you want to create your own family?

If you have taken a step as important as forming your own family, but you do not know your rights, you will not be able to exercise them:

Find out about the current legislation, inside and outside of our country.

Find out about the different ways to create a family and which one best suits your needs.

Seek help of a support group (LGTBQ entity) to accompany you.

FLG, Associació de Famílies LGTBI

Av. del Marquès de l’Argentera, 22 · 08003 · Barcelona

Tel. 645 318 860 ·

Others associations and family entities, LGBTI and childhood attention.


Asociación de Lesbianas, Gais, Transexuales y Bisexuales de Cantabria


Associació de pares i mares de Gais, Lesbianes, Bisexuals i Transsexuals


Asociación de familias de menores transexuales





Andalucía, Castilla-La Mancha, Madrid, Extremadura, Castilla y León, Canarias


Asociación de familias de Gais y Lesbianas con hijos (Comunidad de Madrid)


Associació de famílies de Gais i Lesbianes amb fills (Comunitat Valenciana)


Col·lectiu Gai, Lesbià, Bisexual i Transsexual del Camp de Tarragona


Associació de Lesbianes, Gais, Transgèneres, Bisexuals i Intersexuals de les Terres de l’Ebre


Network of European LGBTIQ* Families Associations


(OAD) de l’Ajuntament de Barcelona


Asociación de Madres y Padres Homosexuales (País Vasco)


Asociación de Familias de Diversidad Afectivosexual de Aragón


Asociación de Familias por Gestación Subrogada


Vic i comarca de Osona


PRIDE BCN was born as an initiative of ACEGAL and it has an Organizing Committee formed by more than 20 people with a common mission: to raise awareness, defend, educate and celebrate diversity.

About us

Ferran Poca

Pride! BCN Organizing Comitee President

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Pride! BCN Social Area Director

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Xavier Saula

Pride! BCN HR, Administration, Finance and Legal Director

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Eduardo Suñer

Pride! BCN HR, Administration, Finance and Legal Subdirection

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Dani Morales

Pride! BCN General Manager

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Lluís Maronda

PR Manager

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Benito Eres (GAG)

Social Area

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Montse Mota (FLG)


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Rogrido Araneda (ACATHI)

(ACATHI) International social Area

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Jon Domínguez (Panteres Grogues)

Sports field

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Nac Bremón

Trans field Coordinator

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Henrique Lisboa

Bar Logistics

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Walter Lovera

Volunteer Coordinator

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Toni Mejías

Village & Volunteer Support

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Pride Kids & Volunteer Support

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Pride Kids & Volunteer Support

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Chriss Elgueda

Logistical support & Pride Float

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Volunteer & Activities Support

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Ángel Herrezuelo



Behind PRIDE BCN we have the support of more than 35 entities related to social, cultural and sports environment, family and health that work so that Barcelona continues to be a reference city for the LGTBI collective.

The soul and heart of PRIDE BCN is also completed by more than 300 volunteers who selflessly make this project possible with their energy and dedication. Thanks to everyone!
You are also invited to join us


Barcelona hosts every summer, since 2008, the main LGBTI pride celebration in the Mediterranean: PRIDE BCN. For more than a week, the city celebrates an event of both a protesting and a festive nature, reinforcing the commitment of Barcelona with the struggle for the rights and freedoms of the LGTBI collective. More than 250,000 people come every year, making it one of the most popular Prides in Europe.

PRIDE BCN offers a program for everyone. We can find large events such as the Pride Parade or mass concerts, and also social and cultural activities such as conferences, talks, movies or exhibitions. And of course there is also space for families and proposals for the little ones. All supported by a great volunteering team that makes this experience all possible.

In our fight for LGTBI rights every year we commit ourselves to a social cause to provide visibility, create awareness and generate debates. These have been some of the main themes of the previous years:


2019 LGTBI Families
2018 LGTBI refugees
2017 Homophobia in sport
2016 Trans people, as common as diverse
2015 Stop bullying LGTBI
2014 LGTBI rights
2013 The law against LGTBIphobia
2012 Support for same-sex marriage and claim of social rights
2011 Health and equality
2010 Trans equality
2009 LGTBI rights


Prides Friends

In PRIDE BCN we think that strength comes in numbers, and we also think that we have many reasons to continue campaigning and celebrating Pride, and not only in Barcelona. That’s why we want to invite you to participate in our Prides Friends. Take notes!





If you want to make a special report, interviews or have access to press areas during the event, you can request your certification through

Press Kit

Press Kit

Soon you will be able to download the press release, images and logos of Pride! 2019.