PRIDE Barcelona is an event for everyone, a space where collectively we can can be heard and become visible, a place to celebrate and make a stand. From here we want to send a message to the world:

We have to love ourselves more. We have to love the outsiders, the people around us, those who are different from us and also those who think differently from us. We also have to show more respect for ourselves, it is because love has thousands of shapes and colours. Many times that’s the only thing we need. A little bit of love. A hug. A smile.

Barcelona has always been a city with an open heart and respect for diversity. We cannot forget about this. It’s time to get this feeling back. We want to gout out and scream that there is love for everyone. No matter who you are, no matter where you come from, this is for you.

LGBTI Refugees

In more than 80 countries, something so normal here as being LGTBI, falling in love with someone of the same sex, or daring to be yourself is cause for persecution, torture, imprisonment and even assassination attempts. Many people in this situation only have the option to run away and seek asylum in another country in search of a better future. Did you know that some of these victims are refugees in Barcelona? This is the reality and we can not look the other way.

"Here I feel that my life is no longer in danger. As a person I have rebuilt myself, now I am more self confident in myself and I have hope. I want to communicate that our life has not been easy, but we are courageous people and we are fighting, we seek to move forward and be treated with respect and equality. That’s why the support of the people here is very important.”

Carolina, LGTBI refugee in Barcelona


You can help them

LGTBI refugees need resources, psychological support, learn a language, understand our culture, company, etc. And they are very close to you. Would you like to collaborate? Contact the ACATHI association and they will inform you how to do it. Together, we can help them start a new life.

1. Make a donation

Collaborate with ACATHI contributing the amount you want and give a decisive boost to the support we can offer to LGBTI applicants and refugees:

  • Donations campaign via bank transfer to the ACATHI Association account. ES53 2100 3005 4722 0045 5903
  • Campaign to be part of a teaming group, contributes € 1 per month. More info here

2. Solidarity companies

Do we fit into the corporate social responsibility of your company? We need companies and companies like yours to continue advancing in the defense and support we can offer to LGBTI applicants and refugees. Contact the ACATHI association and they will inform you how to do it.

3. Other needs:

People require elements that complement their needs, not all the time we can count on resources to support them, some ideas are: metro cards, computers and smartphone mobile phones that work, gift cards for clothing stores and supermarkets, mobile phone top-ups, professional time (dentists, hairdressers, etc.), among others.

During the month of June you can donate the objects at the headquarters of Pride Barcelona, ​​at Diputació 163 in Barcelona.

4. Help creating some buzz

The defense and support for refugees is a great economic investment and we need our projects to reach everywhere. You can help us by acting as an ACATHI speaker through your social networks, friendship circles, family … Anything that makes us known makes us bigger and we are interested, because maybe your tweet or a photo on Instagram will generate a decisive contribution for many people’s lives who need us.