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Every summer since 2008, the city of Barcelona hosts the main gay pride celebration of the Mediterranean: Pride Barcelona. For more than one week, the city celebrates an event of both protest and festive nature, reinforcing Barcelona’s commitment in the fight for rights and freedom for the LGTBI community.

Pride Barcelona has become one of the most popular Pride celebrations in Europe, with more than 200,000 attendees every year. Barcelona has a long history of struggle for LGTBI rights, and, at the same time, it has become one of the community’s favorite destinations internationally. If we also add that Pride Barcelona has a dedicated and willful team that makes every effort to look after all the details of the celebration, one can easily understand why, every summer, Barcelona becomes the LGTBI capital city of the Mediterranean!

One of the main features of Pride Barcelona is its commitment to the LGTBI social sphere. Each Pride focuses on a specific theme (2017 edition specializes in LGTBI phobia in the sports field), while more than 30 social organizations collaborate in the organization of the event, helping to define and disseminate its content and offering numerous activities during the celebration week of the Pride. Thanks to these entities, Pride Barcelona offers a carefully chosen series of activities related to the social reality of the LGTBI collective: lectures, seminars, art exhibitions, films, live shows… the social agenda of Pride Barcelona is truly extensive!

The programming of the Pride focuses, mainly, on two areas: Plaza España or Moll de la Fusta, and the Gaixample. The first one holds the Village, the epicenter of the celebration, which hosts an endless number of activities, from races in high heels or a charity Gymkhana to sport options or the Miss Drag Queen gala; it also hosts Pride Kids, an event full of entertainment for children: games, bouncy castles, Ghymkanas, water activities… all in a spectacular setting!

The other main epicenter of the event is the Gaixample, the gay district par excellence of Barcelona. Its streets host the Street Pride trade, a very lively event that will also feature special performances to cheer up the crowd. The LGTBI businesses in the city, many of which can be found in the Gaixample and in other neighborhoods of the city, dress up to the occasion and offer special deals during the Pride week.

And, as could not have been otherwise, Pride Barcelona comes loaded with parties. The colorful Holi Festival has established itself as one of the most fun events of the Pride celebration, along with the popular Fiesta de la espuma (Foam party). Additionally, during the night, the discos, nightclubs and saunas of the city will host special parties on the occasion of the Pride. Make sure you get in, because these places are going to be packed!

Special mention should be given to the Pride demonstration and parade of Barcelona, ​​perhaps the most multitudinous event. There are going to be festive floats and krewes, and many tourists and local people cramming the sidewalks in a parade in which celebration and vindication go hand in hand, taking to the streets of the heart of Barcelona.

Pride Barcelona has it all: it combines social issues with festive celebrations, cultural events with entertainment, the local communities with the international ones. This event offers activities throughout the whole day that are suitable both for the little ones and for families as well. It’s a real celebration in which there is no sleep at night. Enjoy the huge parties in discos and bars filled with people from the city and from all over Europe who just want to meet and have fun, or even the arousing offerings in cruising bars, sex clubs and saunas.

Are you really going to miss the Mediterranean Gay Pride?