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We still don’t know where is going to be PRIDE BARCELONA 2018 but we are already eyeing it. Next, you can finde some information about the Moll de la Fusta, which was last edition’s location. Stay tuned though! We’ll have news very soon!

____________THE PIER____________

On July 7th and 8th, 2017, Moll de la Fusta will become the center of activities and the heart of PRIDE Barcelona.

Here, from Friday morning till Saturday night, you’ll be able to find a ton of activities in which to participate. The space will include a restaurant area as well as three especially interesting spots:

    • PRIDE KIDS. Pride Barcelona also thinks about the families with children that want to participate in the festivities. That’s why Moll de la Fusta reserves a special area just for them. But what happens at Pride Kids? The questions should really be…what doesn’t happen! Blowup castles, treasure hunts, kid’s workshops, arts & crafts, games and even a water fight!

    • THE VILLAGE. PRIDE Barcelona’s authentic base of operations is also set up in Moll de la Fusta. On one hand, in the Village you’ll find representatives from Barcelona’s main LGBTI associations and you will be able to sign up for any of their talks or workshops. On the other hand, the Village offers an ample commercial selection and spots where you’ll be able to find something to eat or drink while marveling at the celebration which seems to never rest.

    • MAIN STAGE. The Miss Drag Queen Gala, DJs livening up the popular Foam Party, song and dance performances and shows…the main stage is the epicenter of music, fun and entertainment where the biggest spectacles that PRIDE Barcelona has to offer will be held.

There could be no better place to hold PRIDE Barcelona than Moll de la Fusta. The Mediterranean’s gay pride celebration is held on the seashore of Mare Nostrum itself, which, apart from the name, gives the celebration special character: traditionally, Barcelona opened itself to the world through its seaport, and from the sea came new people, new customs and new ideas that have contributed throughout the centuries to making Barcelona the open-minded and integrating city it is today.

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