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Over 250,000 people will celebrate LGBTI pride in one of the most touristic locations in all of Europe: Barcelona’s Moll de la Fusta. It is a party open to all in the most-visited area of the city. Would you be interested in sponsoring an event that combines both social topics and protest with fun and enjoyment that takes place in this privileged spot and during the wonderful Mediterranean summer?

If you would like the opportunity to collaborate with us as a sponsor of our new and exciting event and associate your brand with our community, contact patrocinis@pridebarcelona.org


Tens of thousands of people come to each of the PRIDE Barcelona performances wanting to sing, dance and have a good time in this one-of-a-kind seafront spot right in the heart of Barcelona! Would you like to perform on this fantastic stage? Contact us at direccioartistica@pridebarcelona.org!


Are you a Drag Queen and would like to show off your stuff on stage? At PRIDE Barcelona we make our unique stage in Moll de la Fusta and its fantastic audience, the pride celebration’s attendants, available to you. Get motivated and participate in the Miss Drag Pride competition with your very own performance.

Soon we will provide you more information about the MISS DRAG PRIDE competition!


Consult the terms and conditions and sign up here.


More than 10 whole days of activities and events happen during the Mediterranean’s Pride celebration. So that no one misses out on anything, the PRIDE Barcelona day-by-day program details out everything that awaits during the entire event, becoming the star guide for all of those attending. 30,000 copies are printed and ultimately become main way to follow the PRIDE Barcelona event. Would you like to advertise yourself? Contact us at info@pridebarcelona.org.


Few events bring together social protest and fun in such a harmonious way. Among all of the events taking place during PRIDE Barcelona, the demonstration best reflects this dual nature that has always characterized the Pride celebration of the Mediterranean. If you want to be part of our Parade, protesting while also having a fantastic time with tens of thousands of other people, helping to fill Paral•lel Avenue.

Participating in the parade on foot individually or in a group of friends does not require registration!


Few places in Europe can be considered as popular as Moll de la Fusta during Barcelona’s summer months. The epicenter of PRIDE Barcelona, Moll de la Fusta is also the city’s most-visited area in summertime. Imagine it turning into the main stage for a celebration with over 250,00 attendants! Do you want to participate in the Village during Pride Barcelona?



Life in Barcelona’s neighborhoods is the authentic driving force of the city: people spend their days in the street, taking advantage of the beautiful weather, while the small shops and businesses offer a service that is close to home and personal, something impossible to find within the big chain stores. Together, both neighbors and businesses create a community which cares for each and every small corner of their neighborhood. Would you like to participate in the Business Fair held in Gaixample?